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December 5th, 2019 
Kelly Healy
Sales Representative

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There are two main marketing factors that will determine the final outcome of your house sale. The first marketing factor is your asking price and the second factor is marketing and promotion. If either of these factors are neglected you may be in for a big let down during your sale. Our initial meeting will usually involve an inspection of your home, and then a discussion of your asking price and a marketing & promotion discussion.

The first marketing factor is to determine how your asking price will compare relative to the other homes on the market. Some sellers may interview two or more agents for the job of selling their home. In most cases, this is a good idea, BUT, some seller's are tempted to list with the agent who quotes them the higher asking price, only to be exceptionally disappointed two weeks after listing the home when they realize that their home is far overpriced and now a large price reduction is necessary to get "in line" with the competition.

Unfortunately, some agents use this high price tactic try and obtain your listing and then "pressure" you for price reductions a few weeks later.

Our common goal is to accurately determine what a Purchaser in today's market would be willing to pay for your home and then you can set your asking price accordingly.


The listing agent does not establish the price of your home, the Purchaser does. My evaluation of your home will be thorough and precise. I will provide you all the information and recommendations, but ultimately, you decide the asking price of your home.

Of course if your home is over-priced it will sit on the market and there will be no acceptable offers for you. Understandably, you don't want to under-price your home either (as you could be giving away part of the equity in your home). Thus, I will help you strike just the right balance to maximize your sale price and minimize the inconvenience to you.

And yes, ultimately the price of your home is established by the Buyer, but that doesn't mean you can't do things to enhance your bottom dollar. Preparing your home for sale can be a critical area for you to take care of before you sell. Occasionally a major item needs to be rectified, but the "rule of thumb" is to leave the expensive things and do the "sweat equity" items. These minor renovations should be fixed or they will end up detracting from your home's overall presentation. If you need to hire a professional I can make some recommendations. When we do the walk though your home we can discuss possible improvements that would help you. Be careful, one of the Seller's costliest mistakes is to invest too much money in the wrong places.


The second major factor of home selling is the marketing. This is where you will need to heavily scrutinize your prospective Agent. What is he or she going to do for you and if he/she doesn't do it, can you fire your agent?!! Yes, you can.

Is your Agent recommending only to sit public open houses and advertise? Watch out with this because too much reliance on these options can be a telltale sign that your Agent may be inexperienced.

It has been proven that these methods of marketing are not nearly as effective as you may think. These are the most visible and tangible ways that an Agent can show you that he or she is working, but usually not the most effective for you and your sale.

The process of selling your home is not an experiment in marketing, but the application of a system, a system that works.

Marketing also involves systems and techniques that use technology as a springboard to ensure that your home is exposed to as many of the right people as possible. Email, broadcast faxing, the Internet, the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) Multiple Listing Service, pre-built databases, interoffice couriers, and direct mailings are pivotal strategies that will give your home the edge over the competition.


The majority of real estate transactions take place with the assistance of a real estate agent, and for good reason. Working with a professional real estate agent is the most efficient and cost effective means of selling your home and will help make your move an easy, hassle-free experience. 

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